The First Padawan Of Minut Init

The Star Newspaper (2012)

Nazreen Abraham Stein was the first apprentice of Minut Init. Since connecting with Dali in early 2011 he found a haven in the counter-culture hub, Minut Init. Founded by Dali Abdul Azis and James Ly as a collective art project with the intention of diversifying the artistic climate of Malaysia by becoming a melting pot of creative expression without censorship or discrimination.

Minut Init is an art platform for experimentation in various medium, attracting and representing a wide group of artists from the obscure to the esteemed in various mediums.

“Our society is overrun by cultivated pessimism , that has lead to a cultural void that propagates our cynical judgement towards unorthodox practices or peculiarities in human social interaction. 

We believe in the potential of the developing mind and in the ability of visual arts to conceive an alternative perspective on contemporary thinking.”

During his time with Minut Init Art, he has developed considerable skill in conversing, connecting and exchanging culture with international creative minds. As the Lord Commander of Minut Init (Late 2015- Early 2017), he was dedicated to redefining perceptions towards contemporary art and encouraging discussion of aesthetic and politics.

Underneath his management, Minut Init has become a pocket universe where the possibilities are endless and unpredictability a basis of everyday life. Aiming is to cultivate interactions between art and society.

He is a multi-disciplinary creative agent and has help curate, organize and manage countless events and exhibitions in Minut Init without straying from his manifesto.