1. We (Minut init/Zero Ducks) intend to embrace the love of danger, the habit of energy and fearlessness with the audacity and revolt to exalt an aggressive action, a feverish insomnia and enriched the world with magnificence of a new beauty.
  2. No work without an aggressive character can be a masterpiece. Art must be conceived as violent attacks on unknown forces, to reduce and prostate them before man. The audience will understand (one way or another) the enthusiastic fervor of the primordial elements that the artist has endures in the making of the work; swelled by ardor, splendor and generosity.
  3. We intend to provoke a skeptical and intellectual agility of perspectives, to permit the audience to pass with ease from the Hedonic Adaptations of their current primitive vacuous exercises of the traditional imbecilities and transcend their minds into the infinite palpating next level of human consciousness by throwing ourselves, our artistes and the viewers into the abyss of improbabilities to find new frontiers instead of the onanistic recopying of classical models.
  4. We are disgusted with the general artistic prostitution of rapacious alien ineptitude that has been passed off as talented inventions and perpetuated by the venal complicity of the academies and wish to plagiarized their moronic profaned facades by superimposing our own satirical mockeries to highlight their grotesque qualities with a little fusion of our own aesthetics.
  5. We embrace Camus’ Absurdism as the basis of our sanity.
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First Padawan of Minut Init

Dali & James Ly

Minut Init is an art collective founded on the 10th November 2010 by Dali Abdul Azis and James Ly with the intention of diversifying the artistic climate of Malaysia by becoming a melting pot of creative expression without censorship or discrimination.

Minut Init represents a select group of artists from the obscure to the esteemed, committed to introducing art from all mediums and in all media, who sees art as a platform for experimentation and a means of interaction with society.

“Our society is overrun by cultivated pessimism , that has lead to a cultural void that propagates our cynical judgement towards unorthodox practices or peculiarities in human social interaction. We believe in the potential of the developing mind and in the ability of visual arts to conceive an alternative perspective on contemporary thinking.”


Urbanscape 2016

Currently we have evolve from an underground art gallery into an “Art Social” space. Facilitating a space where art and society embrace. We are interested in the discourse between aesthetics and politics and in the relationship between art and society.  The social art gallery project “Minut Init Art Social” is dedicated to cultivating interaction between art and society and the diversification of the artistic climate in Malaysia by redefining perceptions towards contemporary art and unorthodox practices through the discourse of aesthetics and politics.


Nazreen Abraham Stein was the first apprentice of Minut Init. Since connecting with Dali in early 2011 he found a haven in Minut Init. In his eyes Minut Init represents a pocket universe where the possibilities are endless and unpredictability a basis of everyday life. During his time with Minut Init Art Social he has developed considerable skill in conversing, connecting and exchanging culture with international creative minds. He is a multi-disciplinary creative agent and has help curate, organize and manage countless events and exhibitions.

  1. Minut Init is above all else a Dadaist Art Installation by Dali A. Azis and James Ly.
  2. The “Abraham/N.A.S” of Minut Init is above all a Dadaist Art Performance/Installation curated and molded by Dali A. Azis and James Ly.
  3. The hierarchy of Minut Init underneath Abraham’s reign as the Lord Commander (Late 2015- Early 2017) :
    • We’re an *Anarcho-syndicalist commune.
      • We do not hang’ on to outdated imperialist dogma which exploits the workers and perpetuates the economic and social differences in our society.
      • We should all be taking turns to act as a sort of executive-officer-for-the-week but all the decisions of that officer have to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting. By a simple majority, in the case of purely internal affairs, But by a two-thirds majority, in the case of more major decisions.

*(Anarcho-syndicalism is a theory of anarchism which views revolutionary industrial unionism or syndicalism as a method for workers in capitalist society to gain control of an economy and, with that control, influence broader society.)

*Also runs a random interdimensional blog, Zero Ducks Given.

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Curriculum Vitae

Nazreen Abraham Stein


“N.A.S is W.A.C.K”

Writer . Artist . Curator . Krazy

English (excellent), Bahasa Malaysia (good), Deutsch (beginner)

“Dari Belakang Abaraham Nazreen” by Emir Nazren



06-07/2017 : Curatorial Internship with NON Berlin – Asia Contemporary Art Platform; Chausseestraße 11, Berlin

12-13/11/2016 : Events Management Workshop by LASALLE College of the Arts, George Town Festival; Penang

2011 – 2017 : Artist/Curator’s Apprenticeship at Minut Init Studio Galleria; Uptown Damansara, Selangor

01-03/2010 : National Service Military Training at Program Latihan Khidmat Negara; Nilai, Seremban

2009 : SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia), Sekolah Menengah Damansara Jaya; Selangor

Working Experience

02-07/2011 : Casting Director, Famous Artistes Casting House.

09-12/2011 : It Technician & Custom Clearance Officer, A. Hartrodt Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

15/03-02/04/2012 : Crew, Kita Kitar Music Festival, Babylon Langkawi.

01-10/2013 : Front Desk Officer, The Verve Hotel @ Ara Damansara.

11-12/2013 : Freelance Production Assistant,

05-07/2015 : Writer, The Daily


2011 –

29-31/06 : Assistant Curator, Tinpix Mophog group exhibition, Minut init Art Social.

17-27/11 : Assistant Curator, Tahi Cicak: Photography exhibition , Minut Init Art Social

2012 –

28/04-02/06 : Artist and Assistant Curator, Creole: Group exhibition, Minut Init Art Social

28/10 : Assistant Curator, Midas Touch Art Fusion featuring Justin Lim and Andrew T Crum, Publika

24-25/11 : Assistant Curator, Levis Go Forth Campaign and Exhibition @ Urbanscapes Kuala Lumpur.

2013 –

06/04 : Assistant Curator, Punk Chic in collaboration with Pearly Wong, Minut Init Art Social.

2015 –

25/04-02/05 : Assistant Curator, Inner Visions: An Exploration of the Subconscious, Minut Init Art Social.

19-26/06 : Assistant Curator, Adolescence: an exhibition exploring reminiscence and reconnection through contemporary images of imaginary tales and folklore, Minut Init Art Social.

04-18/06 : Assistant Curator, Duality: Photography and paintings by Nadzim Zainal and Lupe Parada, Minut Init Art Social.

28/08-04/09 : Assistant Curator, Alive in Wonderland: A solo exhibition by Annie Chai exploring the essential relationship between colour and consciousness, Minut Init Art Social.

18/09 : Assistant Organizer, Ringan-Ringan SoundSystem2, Minut Init Art Social.

03/10 : Assistant Organizer, Opal Daze Indulgence (Fashion Show by LaLaLand and Performance by Midnight Snack, Lounge Floor Opening), Minut Init Art Social.

03/10 : Assistant Organizer, Je Ne Sais Quoi 3:The Beginning (A Showcase of Musical Talents, Lounge Floor Opening), Minut Init Art Social.

03/10 : Assistant Organizer, The Opening Party (House Music,Lounge Floor Opening), Minut Init Art Social.

28/10-11/11 : Assistant Curator, Ripen at Home: Examines and celebrates the exotic while pointing out the fleetingness of this notion in the age of information and our increasingly digitised and globalised lives. Featuring Veronika Neukirch, Minut Init Art Social.

15/11-27/11 : Assistant Curator, Circle Jerks, A Group Post-Internet Exhibition. Minut Init Art Social.

02-15/12 : Assistant Curator, WUDU by Sophia Kamal, Minut Init Art Social.

19/12 : Assistant Organizer, OBSCR Space’s Volume 1: Art Gallery, Minut Init Art Social.

21/12 : Organizer, Suara Naga:Voices from The Dragon (A night with Arrington de Dionyso), Minut Init Art Social

23-31/12 : Assistant Curator, The End is The Beginning:A group exhibition, Minuy Init Art Social.

2016 –

08/01 : Organizer, Minut Init & Bukakemono Inc. Present:SPORTZ (In collaboration with Basement 6 Collective, Shanghai), Minut Init Art Social.

09/01 : Co-Organizer, Kong Across The Pond (A Night of Bass Music), Minut Init Art Social.

15-24/01 : Assistant Curator, Inured solo exhibition. Minut Init Art Social.

19/01 : Co-Organizer, FTP-Singer/SongWriter Showcase (Gamaharu), Minut Init Art Social.

20/01 : Co-Organizer, Drink & Draw @ Minut Init, Minut Init Art Social.

30/01-06/02 : Co-Curator, Unknown Plus (x_+) by Ajim Juxta, Minut Init Art Social.

12/02 : Co-Organizer, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (DJ Night), Minut Init Art Social.

13/02 : Co-Organizer, Kong Across The Pond2 (A Night of Bass Music), Minut Init Art Social.

14/02 : Organizer, Valentine’s Day:Live Tinder Party, Minut Init Art Social.

20/02 : Co-Organizer, Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain (Nirvana Tribute Night Gig), Minut Init Art Social.

29/02 : Host & Organizer, Si Badut Sedih (Malam Mic Terbuka), Minut Init Art Social.

04-10/03 : Co-Curator, VDA Freakshow (A Group Exhibition), Minut Init Art Social.

12/03 : Organizer, The Kickback (Hosted by Livelle T. Mobley), Minut Init Art Social.

Livelle T. Mobley.

19-26/03 : Co-Curator, HIGH + Minut Init : An Art Exhibition by Fizjedar, Minut Init Art Social.

22/03 : Host & Organizer, Verbal Diarrhea:Open Mic Night, Minut Init Art Social.

30/03 : Host & Organizer, Broken English:Open Mic Night, Minut Init Art Social.

01/04 : Co-Organizer, Friday 1st April (Psychedelic Gig), Minut Init Art Social.

04/04 : Co-Artist, Curator, Escapism:An Interpassive Theatre (version 1.0), Minut Init Art Social.

08-14/04 : Co-Curator, Time X Space:A Group Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.

16/04 : Co-Organizer, The Daily Seni’s Bintang X Bulan Celebration (Decay; A short play by Lighters Studio, PoetVsWild; SisiSeni’s poetry reading, Wayang Di Bayang; A showcase of musical talents), Minut Init Art Social.

17/04 : Co-Organizer, Crafternoon: Cut& Craft Sunday Afternoon

23-29/04 : Curator, Space X Time:A Group Photography Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.

23-31/04 : Artist & Co-Curator, Intersections (cube),Into the Vault (Site specific installation: Urbanscapes House (underground vault)

28/04 : Co-Organizer, Minut Init X Urbanscape 2016: Drink&Draw (Vault Heist), Urbanscape House.

13-14/05 : Artist & Co-Curator, Minut Init X Lena Kravchenko Cube Installation (Site specific installation: Hari Belia 2016 @ UPM)

27/05-03/06 : Co-Curator, Once Upon A Midnight:A Group Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.

04/06 : Co-Organizer, Ringan-Ringan Soundsystem Presents: Pre Puasa Groovin’, Minut Init Art Social.

04/06 : Co-Organizer, Northern Drug Tour:SpeakZodiac, Minut Init Art Social.

24/06-01/07 : Curator, Morphic Resonance:A Group Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.

25/06 : Co-Organizer, Champion Sound, Minut Init Art Social.

Olga Titus, Morphic Resonace Exhibition 2016

15/07 : Co-Organizer, Ringan-Ringan Soundsystem presents:Uptown Dub Skankin’, Minut Init Art Social.

22/07 : Co-Organizer, Muhd Jayzuan:Gustavo Tour (Poetry Reading & Acoustic), Minut Init Art Social.

30/07 : Co-Organizer, Skits: Live @ Minut Init, Minut Init Art Social.

20-27/08 : Co-Curator, 2057:A Group Exhibition , Minut Init Art Social.

05-12/08 : Co-Artist & Curator, In Collaboration with Basement 6 Collective, Shanghai presents: (Wang Rou)网肉’s SHOW (Streamed Live via LivingRoom.Today), Minut Init Art Social.

20/08 : Co-Organizer, Champion Sound feat. Rumshot (Dub Skankin’ Hi-Fi) | Hosted By Masia One, Minut Init Art Social.

27/08 : Co-Organizer, The Day We Call It A Day, Di Heret Kekeliruan (A book launch party by B58 Publication), Minut Init Art Social.

05-10/09 : Co-Curator, Home Soon:Assemblage and Collage Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.

07/09 : Co-Organizer, Drink&Draw+Collage:Andy Warhol Social Circus X Home Soon, Slate @ The Row, KL.

15/09 : Organizer, Harry Knuckles: Live@Minut Init, Minut Init Art Social.

17/09-19/09 : Co-Artist, Kitaran Art Festival commissioned sculpture and performance, Legoland @ Johor Bahru.

21/09 : Co-Organizer, FTP-Singer Songwriter Showcase (Jiyu), Minut Init Art Social.

23-28/09 : Co-Curator, The Ballad of:Escapeva, Minut Init Art Social.

30/09-07/10 : Artist & Curator, 6 years of Minut Init Poster Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.

13/10 : Organizer, Thursday Octobear, Minut Init’s Gig, Minut Init Art Social.

14/10 : Organizer, Rainbow Horsemen, Minut Init’s 1st LGBT Halloween Party, Minut Init Art Social.

15/10 : Co-Organizer, Champion Sound:Kuala Lumpur, Minut Init Art Social.

17/10-23/10 : Curator, Immortality: A Group Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.


10/11-30/11 : #MinutInitSexMonth : An Introspection on Gender Identity


11/11-16/11 : Curator, In One’s Skin: A Group Exhibition on Nudity, Minut Init Art Social. (Co-curator: Aedin Vreeken, Netherlands)

18/11- 23/11 : Curator, Fluidity: A Group Exhibition on LGBTQ, Minut Init Art Social. (Co-curator: Aedin Vreeken, Netherlands)

18/11 : Organizer, Laundry Night: Mixed Colors Allowed by Rainbow Rojak DJs (LGBTQ DJ collective)

18/11- 23/11 : Co-Curator, Women Are Not Human: A Group Exhibition on Feminism, Minut Init Art Social. (Co-curator: Aedin Vreeken,Netherlands / Irina Lebedeva,Russia)

21/11 : Organizer, Zeitpunkt: Bass of the Future (VNDL, Random K.I.D, Yahna, Wulfland) , Minut Init Art Social.


30/11 – 1/12 : Co-Organizer, Live Loop Asia: International Live Looping Festival by Switch On Organization [Goh Lee Kwang(KL), Kai Lam(SG), James Sildo(US), Faisal Mahmood Khan(PK), Tagumpay(PH), Randolf Arriola(SG)], Minut Init Art Social.



2017 –

13-23/01 : Curator, UTOPIA : A Sci-Fi & Fantansy Illustration Group Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.

21/01 : Organizer, Destruction / Rebirth : A Discussion on Arts & Business, Minut Init Art Social.


27-28/01 : Artist, DIE-USB-SHUFFLE SHOW, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Abteilung für Alles Andere / Ackerstraße 18 / Berlin-Mitte, Germany.

30/01 : Organizer, Live at Minut Init : Arma Agharta (LTU), Minut Init Art Social.

9/02 : Artist, “Between Virtual and Real” exhibition ,  University of Freiburg, Germany.

11/02 : Organizer, 4 Way Street : Audio Experimental Experience in collaboration with Switch On Organization and supported by Goethe Institut  [Goh Lee Kwang(KL), Sudarshan Chandra Kumar (KL),Christian Meass Svendsen (Norway), Ignaz Schick (Germany)], Minut Init Art Social.


10-31/03 : Curator, Aphrodisia: A Solo Exhibition by Alya Hatta, Minut Init Art Social.


Printable CV : Nazreen Abraham CV 2017

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(+49) 016 3927 2333 – GERMANY
(+6) 012 362 3380 – MALAYSIA

Mailing Address :
29 A & 29B Jalan SS 21/37
Uptown Damansara Utama,
47400, Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia